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Who Owns ATMC’s Membership Growth?

  • 17 Dec 2015 3:36 PM
    Message # 3704639

    The ATMC Value Story
    The Automotive Training Managers Council derives its value and strength from its members. ATMC’s members bring numerous attributes, experience, and challenges to the organization. However, the most significant appeal is that all of our members function in a very similar performance development role. This means we all share common experiences and challenges as the makers and managers of training for the transportation industry.

    Who Owns ATMC’s Membership Growth?
    Our organization has room to grow, and the best way to grow the ATMC is for existing ATMC members to take personal responsibility for its future growth. As an ATMC member, YOU own it!

    Call To Action
    So here’s the call to action:
    You know a fellow training manager, trainer, training administrator, training vendor…maybe “Just One”. Make the call today, tell the ATMC story, and cordially invite them to join ATMC!
    All it takes is…Just One!

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