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Fact Sheet

The ASE accreditation program is designed for providers of training for working technicians. The ASE Training Managers Council (ATMC) will evaluate the training providers' process of developing and delivering training and then recommend accreditation as an ASE Accredited Training Provider of continuing automotive service education.

The Process

Training providers order accreditation materials (Standards, Application, Polices/Procedures) from ATMC. After completing their self-evaluation, the provider submits copies of their completed application for review by ATMC. If deemed complete by ATMC, a one-day onsite evaluation is scheduled and undertaken with an Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) and team members. After the onsite evaluation, the ETL makes a report and recommendation to ATMC for accreditation of the training provider. ATMC reviews the report and circulates it to the members of the In-Service Training Committee. With committee agreement, ATMC notifies the provider that they have received ASE accreditation as a training provider of continuing service education. If the provider is not eligible for accreditation, ATMC will identify the areas needing improvement.

There is a five year accreditation cycle with an annual update report required each year. Reaccreditation will use the same process as the initial accreditation.

An ASE Training Provider's Code of Ethics has also been developed. Accredited training providers must sign off on the Code and agree to abide by its principles.

The Fees

Based on a five year accreditation cycle, the committee recommended and approved the following fee structure:

  • Cost of application materials $150 (Free to ATMC members) Includes
      Standards, Policies/Procedures, Application w/disk
  • Application Fee $1250
    (to be paid with submission of Application)
  • Annual Fee-End of each year $300
    (due with Annual Report)
  • Honorarium for Evaluation Team Leader and Team Member(s) $300ea.
  • Expenses for ETL and TM as required
  • Reaccreditation Fee $850 (after each five year period)

Additional costs include travel expenses of ETL and team members for onsite evaluation.

For more information or to apply contact Matt Shepanek

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